Important clients, past and present.


EUROSCRIPT - I have been translating Czech and Slovak legislation and regulatory materials into English for this Luxembourg-based agency since 2006. The vast majority of the work is for the European Union.

MEDIA MARKET - This Czech translation agency was actually one of my very first clients. Eleven years later, we're still have an excellent business relationship.

MARVEL - Another long-term agency client of mine. I have been working with Marvel on a wide range of translations since 2008.

DONATELLO - I have been working with Donatello, the Czech branch of the Arancho Doc agency, since 2009.

Direct Clients

This is by no means an exhaustive list, but just a sample to give an idea of the type of work I do and clients I have.

JAKUBISKO FILM - Since 2011, I have been working on English translations of various film scripts and treatments, including the script for Juraj Jakubisko's major new project, The Slavic Epopee. This is the kind of work that makes being a translator fun!

DOX - The DOX Centre for Contemporary Art is a relative newcomer to the Czech cultural scene, but has already established itself as a trendsetter. I translate all materials for this prestigious Prague art institution, including website, exhibition and catalogue texts, press releases, newsletters, and more.

RESEARCH CENTRE REZ - Located near Prague, this facility research organization concentrates on research, development and innovation in the energy sector, primarily nuclear. I translate/proofread many of their scientific papers and reports.

REPORTERIO - This company provides a comprehensive solution that allows broadcasters to receive authentic and up-to-the-minute video content from their audience and the general public. I've translated the application itself as well as their website and marketing materials.

THE SLOVAK NATIONAL MUSEUM - MUSEUM OF JEWISH CULTURE - I have translated various texts for this cultural institution, including a 400-page textbook by the MJC's director.

CENTROPA - This project documents the lives of Central European Jews before, during and after the Holocaust. From 2005 to 2007, I translated 63 life stories of Czech and Slovak Jews. To this day, this is one of the most interesting translation projects I have been involved in.

HB LAW - I translate a variety of legal texts for this Prague-based law office.